• How long is The Cool Aunt Series?

    1.5 - 2 hours on average. The Cool Aunt Series includes 60 minutes of video and multiple sections of questions, reading materials and time for reflection. It's designed to be a self-paced series that teens take their time to experience individually on their phone, tablet or computer.

  • How do teens access the series?

    Parents can purchase and send the series to their teen via emailed link. (Use the "Get The Series: Parents" tab above.) Organizations can bulk purchase the series and provide access to teens via emailed link or a QR code that can be scanned in-person.

  • How long will my teen have access to the series?

    Teens can log in to their personal account to rewatch the series an unlimited amount of times for 30 days. All teens will receive an email that includes a thorough summary of the series and resources after they complete the series. They will also be automatically subscribed to receive ongoing emails featuring new resources and check-ins from The Cool Aunt Team periodically.

  • How will I know my teen learned something?

    In order to earn a certificate of completion, students must watch 100% of all videos and get all 25 questions correct. (They will have unlimited chances to answer questions correctly). In addition, parents are given a Caregiver Resource Guide with resources for how to talk to teens after they complete the series.

  • How does the Solid Shield package work?

    Our goal is to help parents and teens engage in healthy and effective safety planning together. After the Solid Shield Package is purchased, parents will be able to talk with Rachel and/or a youth-specializing LMHC about any issues that may impact their teen's risk of being trafficked. Teens will take a 12-question risk assessment immediately after completing The Cool Aunt Series and be given the opportunity to schedule a call within the following 3-7 days. Based on the teen's answers and preferences, they will have a personal call with Rachel and/or a LMHC, as well as their parents (if agreeable). If they do not schedule a call at that time, they will receive periodic email reminders about this resource and instructions to schedule the call whenever they're ready within 1 year.

  • How do I bring The Cool Aunt Series to my organization?

    We would love to provide a customized Cool Aunt Series experience for your organization! Customization includes: 1) A package that meets the exact needs of your organization and students, 2) A personalized landing page for your organization that can include your logo and welcome message, 3) Email templates and newsletter communications to send to your staff, parents/caregivers and students. Click the "Contact Us" tab to book a call or email Team@TheCoolAuntSeries today!

  • Is The Cool Aunt Series sexually explicit, profane or triggering?

    The Cool Aunt Series does not include any profanity or sexually explicit content and most teens do NOT report feeling triggered by the series. According to a teen's personal experience with related traumas (namely childhood sexual abuse), they may find the section on Abuse difficult as Rachel explains the impacts of sexual abuse and how over half of all sex trafficking victims share this risk factor. Free nationwide resources for sexual abuse victims are included in the Resource List all teens receive. Additionally, there are many prompts to take breaks, breathe deeply and rely on trusted adults throughout the series. On the whole, the content of the series is meant to be informative, accurate, engaging and impactful to keep teens safe. Check out our testimonials to read some of the feedback we've gotten!